B-Movie Romance is a duo from South-East London. We have been described as Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cramps and 80s synth sounds put through a blender.

The band members are Karen Bell (vocals and synthesizer) and Simon Russo (guitar and drum machine). We first met in early 2016 and it was immediately evident that as kindred spirits we would create music that contained substance and intrigue.

Brought together by a mutual love of macabre films, comic books and things that lurk in the shadows, there was always going to be a wealth of inspiration for this musical collaboration.

After a great reception at our first gig in October 2016, we are looking forward to performing our original brand of goth-tinged pop to new audiences.

You can listen to tracks Devil in Disguise, Hurricane and B-Movie Theme from Outer Space on our Bandcamp page. Devil in Disguise is also available on Spotify.

New material is being added so stay tuned for more…